Beata Murawska
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Born in 1963 in Warsaw.
Studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Graduated in 1988 (Distinction) under tutorage of Prof Stefan Gierowski

"Most of all, Beata Murawska likes to paint flowers, especially, fields of colorful tulips.

She composes them in accordance to a defined color scheme, tuning them together like a musician to avoid clashing. Harmonization of the image is of prime importance to her. Murawska is a colorist, seduced by a palette of colors, she focuses the entirety of the painting to it. One can see fields of flowers, but her paintings are also abstract, covered in colors lined in a specific order. Why does she paints flowers? Maybe because she is a female artist sensitive to beauty. Maybe it is easier for women to paint flower-fields than pure abstracts, without references to reality? I do not know this for sure, but this is what I suspect. For me, these flowery apparitions are an expression of a sensual vision of the world. There is nothing more sensual than flowers and their erotic forms. There is also nothing more natural than a naked woman appearing among the flowers-a motif frequent in Murawska's paintings.

Blossoming women in blossoming flowers. "Lux, calme,volupte" – luxury, peace and voluptuousness – is the title of one of the Henry Matisse's most famous paintings. This is also a theme embodied in the spirit of Murawska's works. One does not find any unnecessary haste, no chase for the current fashion, no reference to our not-so-beautiful world and its hysterical flurry. Murawska often does not live in Warsaw. Her distance to the city ensures her a detachment necessary to see things in a defined, artistic order. She arranges her surroundings according to a color key of her own design. Thanks to this rhythm, she creates rich and sensuous paintings, full of color anecdotes and pleasures ; these are derived from perceiving beauty of the world around us. One does not have to travel to the Canary Islands or Hawaii to find the perfect beauty of colors and harmony of the world. This harmony can be found within us. Beata Murawska must have found the sensual order of her compositions within herself maybe it is this simple fact that has won her paintings so much praise and admiration."

Bogusław Deptuła

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