Beata Murawska. Artist, painter born in Warsaw.
Studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
Diploma with distinction in the studio of prof. Stefan Gierowski in 1988.

From 2018, she divides life between Poland and Italy. In the north of Italy she lives every day, paints and draws inspiration.

“Beata Murawska loves painting flowers most.

Among the flowers, preferably tulips, fields of colorful tulips. She composes them in harmony with colorful tones. She mixes colors with each other like a musician, so that there are no color dissonances in the picture. The harmony of the image is the most important to her. Beata Murawska is a colorist. Seduced by a range of colors, it subordinates the whole picture. You can see floral fields in these pictures, but you can look at them differently… You can see abstract paintings covered with colors in a colorful order.

She paints flowers, perhaps because she is a woman sensitive to beauty. Perhaps women are easier to paint flowers than abstract paintings, devoid of references to reality? I do not know, but I have a feeling. For me, these floral phantoms are an expression of the sensual view of the world. After all, there is nothing more sensual than flowers with their erotic forms. Therefore, it is natural when there is a naked, lying woman among the flowers, a frequent motif of Beata Murawska’s paintings. Blooming women among blooming flowers. “Lux, calme, volupte” – splendor, peace, pleasure, such a title had one of the most famous paintings by Henry Matisse. Such are the pictures of Beata Murawska.

There is no unnecessary rush in them, chasing fashion, watching our unkempt world, for his hysterical pursuit. She has the distance necessary to see things in the appropriate artistic order for them. She organizes what surrounds her according to the colorful key of her own idea. And that’s good.

Thanks to this set rhythm, rich and sensual images are created, full of colorful anecdotes and pleasures from noticing the beauty of the surrounding world. After all, you do not have to go to the Canary Islands or Hawaii to find the perfect beauty of colors and the harmony of the world. We can find the harmony of the world in us.

Beata Murawska probably found the sensual order of her compositions in herself.

Maybe this simple fact won over so many lovers for her who adore her paintings. “

Bogusław Deptuła


  • Gallery Dziekanka, Warsaw
  • Gallery Piotra Nowickiego, Warsaw
  • Gallery Pałacyk, Warsaw
  • Gallery Promocyjna, Warsaw
  • Gallery Pryzmat, Warsaw
  • Gallery Fabriken, Goteborg, Sweden
  • Gallery Abakus, Warsaw
  • Gallery Parawany, Warsaw
  • Gallery Art, Warsaw
  • Gallery Espace Degre, Luxemburg
  • Neu Wulmstorf, Germany
  • Gallery Zepter, Warsaw
  • Gallery Eeast Art. Kunsthandel, Berlin
  • Museum A i J Iwaszkiewiczów in Stawisko
  • Gallery Bauman, Warsaw
  • Gallery Karowa, Warsaw
  • Gallery Avec, Bordeaux, France
  • Gallery Art. Office, Warsaw
  • Gallery Promocyjna, Warsaw
  • Gallery Fundacji Exit, Warsaw
  • Gallery Egon Zoehnder, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Gallery Art., Warsaw
  • Gallery de Zon, Lisse, Holand
  • Gallery Schody, Warsaw
  • Gallery Amber Room PRB, Warsaw
  • Gallery Kasyno, Podkowa Leśna
  • Gallery Art, Warsaw
  • 15^ Mostra Mercato D’arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Genua, Italy
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